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Powerfull, cheap and easy .NET component, that allow to generate any number of unique passwords
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16 May 2010

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The most important files in your computer are always prone to risks from being stolen or loss. The problem may not be so big if the files such as business documents, plans, proposals, tenders etc are being lost or accidentally deleted, but if they are stolen by some miscreant or some of your computer, you are always at a risk of losing your most important information. But thanks to the ever evolving technology where the threats and protections go side by side. For protecting your files, you can use powerful passwords and integrate it with your files so that even if the unintended user has your file, he can not do anything except deleting it as a waste for him. Most of the people keep passwords which are in some or the other way related to them and such passwords can be hacked by a close acquaintance or brute force attacks. RGeneratePassword v. is a powerful utility for generating infinite number of random hack-free passwords that provide complete protection to your files against any such external threats.

RGeneratePassword v. by Roversoft is an affordable yet powerful component for generating strong passwords which will ensure complete protection to your files and important documents. This component is written in .NET and can be easily integrated in an application developed on any .NET language version. The applications which are developed on .NET languages such as Windows forms, ASP.NET, VB.NET etc. are all fully compatible with this component and the developer can integrate powerful password generation capabilities to the desired application. The end user can generate password of any length which can be easily configured with the help of this application. Such passwords can be of length as set by the user in program settings or can be of variable length according to the choice of the program. You can also setup a number of enumeration symbols for the passwords that you generate with the help of this component.

Summing it up, RGeneratePassword v. is a powerful and developer-friendly component for generating unique passwords, leading it to score four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Powerfull, cheap and easy .NET component, that allow to generate any number of unique passwords.
100% .NET Managed Code
Use Windows Installer. Adding to ToolBox automatically.
Supports all .NET languages
Easy to use
Works on ASP.NET, Windows Forms and other types of .NET applications
Design-Time support

RgeneratePassword allows to set up constant or variable length of password (within limits)
Ability to set the static length of a password
RgeneratePassword allows to set up the enumeration symbols used for the password

Easy installation
FREE support
FREE updates (including major version upgrades)
low prices starting US $9.99
Version 2.3.1
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